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Why should I buy dog boots for my pooch?

There are SEVERAL reasons for dog boots! Your dog needs foot protection depending on many factors,like the time of year,the climate you live in,what activities he/she does and any other particular needs.

Weather Protection

Cold,snowy and rainy time of the year-the winter. It can be really tough on your dog's paws. If you love being outside and enjoy yourselves,it is crucial to have protection against ice,snow and salt that is put on the roads to keep the traction.

Winter elements causes painful webbing in between in your dog's toes.They split and cause a lot of hurt to the dog. There is also the build-up of snow balls in the fur of the dog. Winter boots are just great to leave all those problems behind.

Another great thing about boots is that they have rubber soles that provides traction when your dog walks and also protects from various injuries.

Third useful addition to dog boots are that they protect paws from potentially hazardous chemicals and salt.They are very common part of winter,because salt and chemicals are used to melt snow.But for your dog it is very bad,because your dog can easily absorb all of those negative elements through her paws.This,however,can lead to major health problems.

Rain ,mud and your dog- can be a really fun sight to see,but definitely not something to bring home. Muddy and wet paws running around in the house ,uncontrollable can be somewhat problematic. How about eliminating that problem with a nice quality set of waterproof dog boots. They are useful for both you and your dog. Because let's face it. Dog's don't care if they get wet and muddy,in contrary,they enjoy it! There is no need to chase your dog with a towel! Rain dog boots are not only protecting you from towel-race,but they also give your dog some traction when running on slippery surfaces,like muddy yard.Not to mention that clean,dry paws don't smell.

The boots are easily put on and off whenever necessary. Keeping your floors and carpet clean and the room smelling like home (unless you like the smell of wet feet of course :) )


Enjoyment of outdoors

If you and your dog loves to take long hikes together,then you must know the potential issues that are involved for their paws.Easy solution-dog boots for hiking.Traction and protection are super important when taking on rocky trails with your four-legged friend.Why pick hiking dog boots?

1.Traction on sandy,rocky trails. Any potential slip can cause your dog problems. Avoid them with good pair of dog boots!

2.Protection from cuts and abrasions (very common things to happen when moving on jagged rocks). There are many more dangerous possible problems along the trail.

You have certainly walked on the sand during hot summer with your bare feet. It is pretty painful,isn't it? So is for the dog. This may not have occurred to you,but dog's paws are very sensitive to both cold and hot surfaces.While they have some fur protection against the cold,they do not have any cooling system for the paws. Always think what would you wear when taking walks at the beach,sidewalks,deck and patios under the hot summer sun.

There are collection of summer shoes and sandals for your dog that will protect those pads from being burned.


Everyone will get old and so will our four-legged friends. Dogs too,begin to have problems with hips,balance on slippery surfaces and even standing up can be a struggle for some.Thats why we have collection of orthopedic dog boots in our store. These boots are great to help your dog get her edge back,even in older age.These dog boots help with traction they need to push themselves up. Laminate,tile and other slippery surfaces are a nuissance for your dog,but not with the dog boots.


If you want to keep your floor scratch-free from all the dog's paws flying about due to playtime,then some easy,lightweight dog shoes or slippers can be the way to go for. Many dog owners also complain about the noise that dog's walking on floors do. With dog boots,you don't have to worry about that,because the material of the boots takes away most of the sound.


Dogs love running around and do their part in this world. What dog owner doesn't want their pooch to be safe,comfortable ,life enjoying? Dog boots play a major factor in all these three! There is no better way to make sure that dog has everything he needs for that than the right equipment for every circumstance. Not to mention that boots make dogs look good too. Not not only are the functional,but stylish and fashionable as well! They make every dog stand out to even add to their cuteness!