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Rain Boots

Waterproof Rain Boots

Protect your dog's paws & keep them clean

All dog owners have seen the result of mud and dog paws mixing together. The result is quite simple- floors covered with mud and wet paw marks everywhere.

Don't take the fun of walking from your dog! It doesn't matter if it is snowing or raining when you have the right tools. Check out our collection of waterproof boots made to last in the rain!

Now you can take your pooch for a walk any time you wish, without having to worry about the result! :)

The only thing more dangerous to your dog’s paws other than extreme heat are wet, freezing temperatures. A wet dog’s paws have the potential to freeze; water literally turning to ice, if the temperatures were to fall dangerously low.


Selection of Rain boots

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Why does your dog need rain boots?

A good set of dog rain boots is waterproof,made of such fabric that doesn't let through water,but is also breathable. Paws need air and thats why you need quality boots to be both comfortable and effective at the same time. There are many benefits besides before mentioned from using rain boots:

  • They provide grip on slick surfaces. Your dog can run without slipping on wet ground.
  • As it rains,different kind of chemical compounds surface to the ground.Rain boots help to avoid contact with them.
  • Wet and cold is not good for paws on the medical standpoint. Avoid injuries!
  • Don't like the wet paw smell? No problem. Just use dog rain boots! :)


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