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Protection and ventilation

Protect your dog's feet with breathable dog sandals. Dogs too enjoy warm weather,but as you need shoes,they need them aswell. Summer heat glazes upon sand and pavement. You don't want to put your bare foot on them,why would your pooch? Protect your dog from burning and prevent irritating grass allergies. Dog sandals are great for protection while letting the paws breathe. They are also plain cute. Add a set of adorable dog sandals to your dog's footwear collection and enjoy the summer heat!

Dog sandals aren’t just cute. They also protect paws from that dreaded burning hot pavement as well as scorching sand, and are great for preventing irritating seasonal grass allergies! Sandals let the paws ‘breathe’, while that option isn’t available with shoes.

Why my pooch needs dog sandals?

If your dog is adorable and you enjoy taking pictures with her,then cute dog sandals definately spice up the whole scenery. But not only are sandals great to look at,they are also very useful and important. Dog sandals provide the following:

  • Protection to feet . Hot sand,cement and pavement are real paw hurters.
  • Traction. Anti-slip function of the dog sandals really help keep her from slipping.
  • Protection from injury. Broken glass,nails,chemicals etc. are real health risks for any dog. AVOID them.
  • Keeps paws clean. No more you have to clean after your dog's muddy or sandy footprints.
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