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Dog Shoes

Stylish and comfortable shoes for dogs

Whether it is warm or a little bit chilly,it is time to take out the shoes. Quality, stylish and comfort

Parade Your Pup in Style with Dog Shoes for Summer

Able dog shoes really help your pooch on those nice long walks. Never again do you have to worry about the wellbeing of your dog's paws. Forget the troubles with hot summer pavement,more than warm sand or muddy roads. There are dog shoes for every circumstance. Just like you like to wear different footwear depending on your mood and the day ahead. Take a look at our vast selection on different dog shoes and make your decision.

Dog Shoes for Summer

Street pavement can become pretty hot sometimes. Have you ever felt hot pavement on your bare feet when you were young? Remember how you would quickly jump back inside, how the asphalt felt so hot sometimes it would sting?

Now imagine your beloved dog, who’s probably never worn any foot protection in his life. Unlike you, he might not be able to escape the blaring heat.

Hot pavement can, will and has burned many a dog’s paws. You may not have considered it, but this can become a serious issue for your furry companion.

Dog shoes for summer are one of the very best ways to protect your dog’s feet from the heat!

  • Dogs suffering from open sores caused by severe pavement burns are easily susceptible to serious infections, which in extreme cases could even lead to sepsis and death.

 That would be the equivalent of continuously smearing dirt and bacteria into            an open wound.

Now that you know how important protecting your furry pal’s feet is, why not take a quick glance at some of these high quality dog shoes for summer, insulated boots for winter, even slick sandals and rain boots or the many beautiful and creative dog socks available?



Selection of dog shoes


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Dog shoes are functional,fashionable and fun. Most shoes are made for the smallest dog breeds in mind.Especially the more fashionable shoes.Just watch your little "poochymodel" turn heads when you take her for a walk or on a shopping spree around your local pet store.She may not love the shoes at first,but after some time she gets used to both the shoes and the constant turning heads. If you dog loves to be the center of attention,then fashionable dog shoes are great addition to her wardrobe.


Most dog owners want the shoes because not only are they really cute,but also aid the dog's everyday life.No more do you have to cancel your quality time with your dog ,because of weather! Forget problems with cold winter,hot summer or rainy spring. All you need is nice quality set of shoes to take her through snow,hot roads or muddy yards.


There are few things more funnier than to see your dog try on her first dog shoes. Obviously it is not very fun for her,but she gets used to them. It is just facing the unknown,not knowing that after a while they become a really great asset.So make sure you break out your camera and take some pictures,or better yet, make a video to remember her first auditions as dog shoe model.


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