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Dog Snow Boots

Your dog's paws desperately need protection from cold, salt & humidity

Winter can be a real challenge for dogs. Imagine yourself being barefoot in the snow for hours.Not a very pleasant picture, is it? Snow boots are a great way to keep your pooch's paws from ice and salt. Our selection of snow boots are sure way to keep him from irritating paw pads and uncomfortable walks. Comfort and traction makes the world when taking the wintry walks.

Just like high temperatures can cause severe burns to your dog’s cute little feet, cold temperatures have the potential to cause severe harm and terrible effects

History Behind the Paws

Our modern day dogs descended from Grey Wolves; historians believe approximately 14 thousand years ago. Physiologically speaking, nature intended them to comfortably endure frigid temperatures without a care in the world.

But then ancient human nomads came along. Many wolves gave up their predatory ways, and began to piggy- back among these tribes of humans, scavenging for easy food from human leftovers. This is the main theory explaining how so many differing breeds began to emerge across the world, like the Chow Chow in northern China, or the Saluki and Basenji in ancient Egypt.

Though Chows were bred to endure cold temperatures, the following two (and countless more), being accustomed to intense Middle Eastern heat, would not survive long in such conditions. For that matter, even Chows, with their massive coats, aren’t capable of enduring the same frigid conditions Wolves often call home.

Then Came Selective Breeding

It was much more recent in our history that man started to selectively breed dogs for certain desired traits, eventually leading to the 200+ dog breeds in existence today. Nearly all of the toy breeds wouldn’t exist if it were not for our intervention. Very few of those famous hunting breeds- like Reverend John Russell's ‘Jack Russell Terrier’ (bred to chase and corner small game, most often Red Fox), or the famous Bloodhound few dog owners alive haven’t heard of, would exist today had we not intervened.

Consider Your Dog’s Comfort Zone

My point is- many of these animals can’t endure extreme, frigid temperatures; they wouldn’t survive. Yet careless owners leave dogs in such extreme conditions constantly; I can’t tell you how many news stories I’ve covered of dogs left outside during winter storms, sadly freezing to death.

How Their Bodies Stay Warm

As I’ve said above, nature intended for the wolves of old to endure frigid temperatures that would easily kill a human man in a matter of minutes. But then man interfered, as we often do with so many things; now very few breeds enjoy that same level of security.

Like us, other animal species warm their bodies via involuntary defense mechanisms; in this case blood levels increasing toward the body's core to keep the most vital organs and tissues safe, while decreasing everywhere else. The problem here is- paws, hands and feet are nowhere near the vital organs of which I speak; these are in fact the furthest areas from our, and a dog’s, hearts.

This is the reason your hands and feet easily becomes painfully cold when the rest of your body seems fine, and are so susceptible to frostbite.

Keep Your Dog’s Appendages Warm

In my opinion, this is even more important than protecting your pet’s feet from hot temperatures with dog shoes for summer. Because- simply stated, a dog with burns on their feet can still function, hunt and survive (although painfully). A dog with frozen feet and necrotic, dead tissue from frostbite on the other hand- they probably won’t even be able to stand, let alone walk; they’re doomed to a slow and agonizing death if no intervention is given, and often require amputation even if it is.


Protect Your Dog’s Paws with dog shoes for summer and boots for winter!

Selection of winter boots


Snow boots? Why should you get a set for your dog.

Harsh winter weather can spoil all the fun for your dog. Don't let him run around with freezing paws. Here are the main reasons you should get a set of dog snow boots:

  • Protects paws from snow,rocks,salt,ice and any other dangerous surface.Also keeps paws dry.
  • No more melt snow and bad dangerous chemicals that are used to de-ice on your dog's feet or your home.
  • No more cut paw pads due to ice and snow.Avoids the discomfort and gives traction on slippery frozen surfaces.
  • No more melting snow and wetness in your home because of your dog's feet.


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