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Dog Socks

Cute and practical footwear for the dogs

There are both traditional and non-slip dog socks. Traditional socks are more like indoors paw warmers.Anti-slip(non-slip) socks give traction to dogs they need on slippery indoor surfaces such as tile or hardwood. 

Socks are generally made for indoors.You can use them outside,but remember that they are not waterproof.

 *Please note: Due to the rubber coating grippers do not provide traction on snow or ice therefore we do not recommend using them under winter conditions.


Have you ever seen your dog sprinting across your nice, clean kitchen floor? Remember what happens when they try to stop or shift direction? Your dog either skids, sliding across the rest of the floor and just barely missing your cupboards, or slams into them like a professional hockey player checked against the sideboards.

You may think this is hilarious, but your furry pal probably doesn’t. Especially if they are arthritic or have developed Hip Dysplasia, a disorder more common to the extraordinarily popular Labrador Retrievers.

Does your dog have a wounded paw? Since they are constantly walking around on them, bandages can easily brush off. Dog socks, on the other hand, won’t move!

And there is your floors themselves. Protect them from nail marks and scratches! Why not give non-slip dog socks a try?


Selection of Socks

Why does your dog need socks?

Dogs are many ways like humans. They too can both feel cold and warmth with their paws. Just like we like to wear socks to keep our feet warm indoors.Dog socks give traction and are most necessary if the floors are cold. Besides,they are cute to look at! Benefits of having socks:

  • Anti-slip capability of dog socks. Hardwood and tile are often very slippery.Use socks to keep her on her feet!
  • Crucial for dogs with allergies.Helps preventing scratching and/or licking of paws.
  • Floors are protected from scratching if used dog socks.