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Colorful Bowknot Dog Walking Shoes (Blue,Red,Yellow,Pink)

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            Description Easily fastened with...
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Easily fastened with adjustable shoe laces, these casual doggy shoes are extremely cute, while maintaining a solid durability. Rubber soles ensures an anti-slip walking while sturdy bootlaces keep the puppy shoes snug and secure.

Keep your dog paws clean with this ultimate protection from scorching roads in sweltering summer days, or wet and muddy rain drenched surfaces, with these Colorful Bowknot Dog Walking Shoes!

100% Brand New and high quality

Rubber sole ensures an anti-slip walking
  • Condition: New without tags
  • Material: Polyurethane
  • Style: Cute bow knot walking shoes
  • Weight: 80-136g(approx)
  • Package includes: 4 x dog footwear


Size        Shoes Width            Shoes Length

XS            1.37″                               1.73″
S              1.49″                               1.85″
M            1.57″                                1.96″
L              1.73″                               2.16″
XL           1.88″                               2.36″



Size        Shoes Width            Shoes Length
XS            3.5cm                           4.4cm  
S              3.8cm                           4.7cm    
M            4.0cm                           5.0cm     
L             4.4cm                           5.5cm   
XL           4.8cm                          6.0cm

Please allow 0.1-0.2" of difference . We always suggest buying bigger set if not 100 % sure!

Not sure if the boots fit for your dog?

For more information on how to measure your dog's paw size

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