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Adorable Brick Fleece Comfort Dog House & Pet Bed

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Crafted from durable spandex and a breathable lining, the soft fleece padding and warm comfort of this adorable dog house is perfect for your beloved companion! 

Forget those cumbersome, back-breaking 80 lb. metal crates that are all but impossible to carry. Both hand washable and light weight, this comfy dog enclosure is both extremely easy to transport, and simple to clean! Weighing in at a mere 850 grams, moving your new dog house and pet bed is effortless!

Material: Spandex

Wash Style: Hand Wash
Feature: Breathable
Weight: 0.85KG/ 850g
Pattern: Plaid
Feature: Eco-Friendly

Model Number: CXY--0060

Size Length (cm/in)   Width (cm/in)      Height (cm/in)

S 37/14.6                     30/11.8                               30/11.8

M 47/18.5                   37/14.6                               34/13.4

L 60/23.6                    47/18.5                               45/17.7

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